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Investors in Cleantech

  • Miracampo is an investor in the areas of alternative energy, water, materials and sustainable chemicals.
    Founded in 2010 it has invested in and advised companies in these industrial sectors.
    It focuses its investment on startups and small companies, but performs advisory work for companies of any size, as well as government.
    Miracampo cooperates closely with investment funds, leading financial institutions, multinational corporations, and local, regional and national government organisations. Miracampo was founded to assist budding industries and companies in their search for knowledge, management expertise and funding.
    Miracampo offers a broad knowledge of high technology fields, the experience of generating true innovation, combined with business and deal transaction expertise.
    Miracampo invests its own funds in truly exceptional endeavours in the (very) early stage. As an investor Miracampo was involved in industrial biotechnology, solar energy, plastics recycling, water technology and special materials. It has advised in the chemicals space, high performance materials, waste technologies and general chemicals activities.
  • More than money

    It takes more than money.

    We are an investment and advisory company founded by experienced entrepreneur Ed Flohr, who from early on has always focussed on developing new, ground-breaking and disruptive technology and products. For him, innovation is only achieved when a product or service is put into the marketplace successfully. Miracampo takes this approach and makes it available to other organisations. We seek to partner with entrepreneurs interested in building businesses that create fundamental economic value, and have the potential to make significant contributions to the world. We invest early in the lifecycle of a business and support it over time. And, investment takes many forms in our universe: we invest capital, time, expertise, experience and networks, to make a business grow.


    Our investment focus.

    We believe that worldwide sustainable development in the coming decades is dependent on availability of energy, water and materials. That is the reason that Miracampo focuses its efforts on developing alternative energy sources, finding solutions to secure clean water supply, reducing usage of raw materials through new high performance materials and recycling. Sustainable chemistry is an important enabler in the above spaces, and as such is another focal point. We invest in early stage companies with disruptive innovations that can reshape industries. We are looking for products and technologies that can be brought to market within 5 to 7 years of our initial investment.


    Our support focus.

    In some cases investment by Miracampo is not the way forward. In that case we also support companies in an advisory role. We do that as passionately as if it were an investment. We support companies in mergers and acquisition processes, act as match makers, we perform due diligence, provide industry expertise, perform feasibility studies, provide guidance in market introductions, we arrange financing through variety of sources and contribute as company supervisors.

  • Style

    Our style.

    We build companies, and therefore we like to bring partners together into successful teams. We are active partners who do everything we can for our companies and have not forgotten how to hustle. We are good at finding the one thing that will not work, and know how to get rid of it. We life off risks, but we will reduce them as much as we can. We are lateral thinkers. We do not only play on the board, but also often above and below. We always look for disruptive ideas, and a rule-changing approach. We are nice, but we not afraid to make decisions. We are brutally honest. We want to help you build your business. We are not about control or power.


    Our Vision.

    We are bullish on the capability for technology to solve the major environmental issues of today and the future. We believe that by selecting, supporting and funding the right technology-driven companies, we can contribute to a truly sustainable society.

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